Saturday, July 10

Floor Be Gone!

I hate this floor. 
A lot. It looks dirty at all times. (I might miss this in the future who knows). I foresee this floor vanishing before my very eyes in the near future. 

Options I'm toying with are:

  • wood/engineered wood floors- worried about water and animals marring the surface. 
  • stained concrete- indestructible but hard to do (well) yourself. Also hard on the knees/feet when cooking.
  • large tiles- I like this idea because I know how to lay tile (well) and if one were to break you chip it out and replace. very appealing. the pretty stuff costs $$ however.
Anyone have any other ideas/suggestions? This floor runs throughout the kitchen, laundry room, pantry, 
dining room/bar/office and will continue into the tv room.  

Yes my precious perfect puppy, Fiona, stole that loaf of bread off the table. Jerk.

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